The Legacy and the Lion

Book One of the Yusan Chronicles

By Elaine Jemmett

Release Date: March 29, 2017

The future is a primitive place. Three hundred years from now, the kingdom of Yusay stands solidly amid the broken bones of our broken world. Horses rule the roads, the best weapons are broadswords and bows, and the Ancients are feared and despised.

Patrick Bell hails from a colony that remembers the Ancients. After the violent death of his family, Patrick needs a home. He follows the trail of his ancestor to the kingdom of Yusay, only to find that ancestor is not merely remembered, he is worshiped. Patrick wins the powerful post of Master of Guards, but his mysterious past and his claim to be the descendant of the Yusan prophet make him the target of enough suspicion and envy to put his life on the line.

Gar of the First Line was a young scholar forced to become a warrior when a murderous uprising slaughtered most of the royal family. Now an aging king with a long lifetime of impressive reforms, Gar needs a man as talented as Patrick to protect his family, and his legacy. He risks trusting him, but only to a point. Gar’s trust is increasingly tested as it becomes clear that Patrick is a prime suspect in a plot to murder the king . . .

Available in paperback and eBook.

The Black King

Book Two of the Yusan Chronicles

By Elaine Jemmett

Published June 27, 2019

Available in paperback and eBook.

The Shadow Queen

Book Three of the Yusan Chronicles

By Elaine Jemmett

Coming November 2021.


By Elaine Jemmett

Short story, released in 2018

Currently available in eBook only